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Modules & Features

Main MYERP Features



Dashboard to keep track of all documents and activities status

Graphs and Statistics

Latest 3-month documents and amounts

List all the documents, status, and amounts

Sales order comparison month by month

Compare sales order quantity and values month by month







Features of CRM / Sales

Tag/ categories your customers & suppliers

Tag your customers & suppliers for searching, group and labeling

Keep track of prospect status

Team can understand the status of prospect

view customer-related documents on 1 page

view customer-related documents on 1 page, you can understand customer in short time

Customizable lead status

Customizable lead status.
Informative lead data

Features of Product / Inventory

Product Overview


Product Overview – Account code for sales and purchase, upload image, weight, dimensions, tags

Define physical product or service 

a physical product can manage stock, service no stock

Margins by product

List all the invoices include the product and show margins

Product related documents

List all related documents for the product

Stock Movement

List product movement by product or all movements

Features of Procurement

Replenishment orders


Use the wizard to provision your warehouses based on defined optimal quantities to generate Purchase Orders automatically.

Send RFQ by email from system

Send documents from MYERP and log the activity automatically

Control Workflow & Link related documents

Approve or reject PO, Clone, Cancel

Link related documents

Receive products

to receive products in warehouses with serial number or lot number.

Add multiple buying price

The purchaser can add multiple buying price, rate supplier, setup delivery lead time